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Hybrid Canola- "Our Focus is Yield, What's Yours?"

Hybrid Canola Seed : Rubisco Seeds


Rubisco Seeds' primary goal is to provide an integral link between US farmers and hybrid canola seed products arising from advanced breeding technologies employed by DL Seeds Inc., facilitated through a network of supportive, locally focused retailers and agronomists.

The Next Level in Yield™ 

Non GM Hybrid Canola performance, proven through commercial grower yields and small plot data, means "more bushels in the bin"™. Find out more about Rubisco Seeds and Hybrid Canola and understand why farmers are choosing Rubisco Seeds when it comes to the right choice of canola hybrids.

National Winter Canola Yield Trials and commercial experience have proven significant yield advantages for conventional hybrid genetics ranging 10-30% yield increase...No YD just Bushels in the Bin.


      TOP SECRET!!!    

Weed Control in Conventional Hybrids?

Winter canola is an excellent winter rotational crop to clean up grass infested wheat fields.

Registered Group -1 herbicides such as Select, Assure II, and Poast can be used to effectively control grass weeds on conventional non-GM winter canola. Always consult pesticide labels.

Registered herbicides to control broadleaf weeds include Group-3 Treflan  and Group-4 Stinger.

Ongoing broadleaf herbicide research funded by Rubisco Seeds has identified additional broadleaf control options, availability subject to registration.



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Bushels in the Bin: Our focus is Yield
Hybrid Technology meets Hybrid Agronomy

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Rubisco is an abbreviation of Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase, the key universal plant enzyme responsible for removing atmospheric carbon dioxide and converting it into plant sugars which drive metabolism, growth and final yields of food, feed and fiber in all plant species.

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