Winter Canola Specific Agronomy

The North American canola market is dominated by spring canola production in the northern tier states of the US, primarily North Dakota and Montana, and in the western prairie provinces of Canada. Consequently, while some general aspects of canola production are shared, specific production practices and agronomy are markedly different. Since 2005, Caldbeck Consulting has worked to refine and custom-build agronomic practices and production programs in all winter canola regions of North America. From 7″ precipitation summer fallow/chem fallow production regions to +40″ winter canola / double crop soybean production regions there is a tremendous diversity in agronomic considerations. Please visit the adjacent topics of interest to learn about some of the pioneering work we are engaged with.

Customized Production Programs

We have multiple years of experience in developing customized production programs that are region and grower-specific. For more information on our production programs and how they can benefit your farm, please contact Rubisco Seeds. We are dedicated to providing valuable insights and practical solutions for our customers to support the growth and success of winter canola production. Don’t risk your crop profitability with generic production practices and unproven genetics offered by newcomers in the marketplace.