Quality Assurance

  • Rubisco Seeds’ canola hybrids are exclusively sourced from the breeding program of DSV and NPZ.
  • Rubisco Seeds’ incoming canola seed is certified as non-GMO according to industry standard PCR analysis.
  • Rubisco Seeds’ canola hybrids are processed at facilities approved and registered with Illinois Crop Improvement Association.
  • Canola seed lots are tested according to the AOSCA, USA methods and procedures or ISTA rules.
  • Rubisco Seeds adheres to strict quality control procedures to maintain the non-GMO status of the canola hybrids.
  • All Rubisco hybrids are developed with a strong focus on shatter tolerance.
  • All seed is certified blackleg-free.
  • Cleaned canola seed is sampled and analyzed for purity and germination prior to delivery.
  • Canola seed samples are retained.