Organic Canola Broadening market appeal for healthy edible vegetable oils

Non-GM spring canola in the High Desert of Central Oregon, Organic Production

Consumer demand for food and ingredients grown in environments that are free from synthetically manufactured fertilizers or pesticides using non-genetically modified seeds free from synthetic seed treatments continues to expand at a significant pace. A recently released (Dec. 15, 2022) USDA 2021 Certified Organic Survey report pegged sales of organic commodities at $11.2 billion, a 19% increase from sales in 2019. The total number of Certified Organic Farms grew by 5%, reaching 17,445, with the number of certified organic acres decreasing by 11% to 4.9 million, according to USDA.

Mainstream retail grocery outlets have responded to this demand by increasing available shelf browsing space for organic foods and ingredients. This has resulted in organic options becoming more competitively priced for a broader consumer base, which in turn drives demand in this emerging sector.

Non-GM spring canola in the High Desert of Central Oregon, Organic Production

Canola is widely used throughout the food and feed industry, and it was only a matter of time before demand for organic canola would develop across the food industry. Despite the incorrect perception from some misinformed sources that all canola is genetically modified, consumers, in general, have reacted very positively to suppliers offering this heart-healthy edible vegetable oil in certified non-GMO and certified non-GMO organic versions.

Rubisco Seeds, as the largest supplier of exclusively non-GMO canola seeds in North America, is well positioned to meet this demand from farmers wishing to grow canola seeds in organic production systems. The availability of top-performing non-GMO canola hybrids, in addition to comprehensive in-house resources to optimize organic canola production systems, are key attributes to commercial organic farmers. Rubisco Seeds’ unique national distribution system is designed to react expeditiously to custom orders from all growers. Rubisco Seeds was founded as a customer-focused business and will continue to adapt to demands in the marketplace from existing and new customers.