Canola Hybrids High-Yielding Hybrid Canola

Hybrid canola seed from Rubisco Seeds allows U.S. farmers to grow high-yielding canola crops with advanced and innovative winter and spring canola hybrids.

Early Winter

Includes CC17065, CC17066, CC17069, CC17070


Benefits of Winter Canola

  • Winter rotational broadleaf crop: cash cover crop
  • Excellent crop to control problematic and herbicide-resistant grass weeds, grass-related diseases, and grass pests
  • Ideal for managing manure or litter resources. Canola sequesters phosphate and nitrate, enhancing water quality, and offsets eutrophication/Hypoxia (algae bloom)
  • Proven yield increases on the following crops: corn, wheat, beans
  • Diversification of cropping as a risk management tool
  • No special equipment needed
  • Crop insurance available or RMA granted written agreement
  • Deep canola roots break compaction and recycle nutrients
  • Excellent source of nectar and essential nutrients to fortify pollinator populations


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  • Canola Hybrids’ availability is contingent on meeting achievable supply chain logistics.
  • The net weight per bag on all canola products shipped is 35 lb.
  • All seed is certified Blackleg-free and certified non-GMO.
  • All Rubisco Seeds’ canola hybrids are approved for the European Market.
  • Seed can be purchased through your preferred local retailer.