Canola Oil Proposed as Advanced Biofuel Feedstock

An article published on states the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed approving Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) pathways for biofuels derived from canola/rapeseed oil, opening the door for their inclusion in the RFS program. The proposed pathways, which cover various fuel types produced through hydrotreating, are expected to meet the required 50 percent reduction in lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions to qualify for advanced biofuels and biomass-based diesel. The U.S. Canola Association (USCA) and Clean Fuels Alliance America have expressed support for the move, highlighting the potential of canola oil as a renewable feedstock, its role in diversifying energy sources, and its ability to contribute to lowering gas prices and reducing reliance on foreign oil. The approval of canola oil pathways is seen as a means to provide market parity among vegetable oils, offer new outlets for canola farmers during surplus production, and enhance feedstock options for renewable fuel producers.