Early Winter Canola Hybrid (CC17065) Swathing Pick-Up in Harvest, Central TX

Rubisco Seeds’ Early Winter canola, conventional hybrid #CC17065, grown on Rocking H/ Tomahawk Farms in Lohn, Central Texas, and harvested by Skinner Harvesting, Emporia, Kansas. Swathed on April 28th and harvested on May 7th. 35 ft swaths harvested with John Deere P615 pick-up header (wider belt style). The final average field yield was around 40 bushels (~2000 lbs) per acre. CC17065 was air seeded into 7.5-inch rows with John Deere no-till drill at 3.3 lbs per acre on October 14th. The previous crop was wheat and only ran one pass turbo max vertical tillage.